About KTACEs

Our Enterprise

Kamwenge Tukolerehamwe (KTCE) is a membership based organization currently registered as a primary cooperative. It was founded in 2011 as a community based farmer's organization. In order increase its trade competitiveness the cooperative is in the process of being registered as Area Cooperative Enterprise.

The organization is mandated to mobilize and organize farmers in Kamwenge District for improved access to advisory services, marketing of members produce, information and improved technologies so as to increase the rural farmers' incomes and welfare.
The organization is based in Kamwenge Town council; Kamwenge District in Western Uganda.it has membership from all the sub-counties of the district who are mainly subsistence small holders producers of seasonal crops mainly beans, maize and coffee.


Over the years the society has been given support from development partners such as NARO, ISSD, USAID- Feed the future, KDFO and PRICON to form and strengthen its small grass root groups.
These partners have built their capacities in business skills, agronomic practices, SEED production as a business and collective bulking and marketing.

Board Members



To be a successful, and sustainable ACE in bulking and marketing of quality seed in the Rwenzori region.



To meet the marketing needs of the members through collective bulking and marketing of quality produce.


Business Goal

To provide farmers with Pre and post-harvest handling services and value addition through appropriate technological means


Core Values

• Trust worthy
• Commitment
• Team work
• Volunteerism
• Transparency


KTACE has a number of growth potential attributes that has a number of growth potential attributes which can be capitalized on the move the KTACE business to another level. Key potential areas include:-
• Registration as Area cooperative enterprise.
• Mobilization of Internal and external resources for establishing constructing permanent office premises for the KTACE.
• Recruitment and employment of technical staff to facilitate the day -today operations of the organization.
• Strengthening of existing RPO's in governance, record keeping and resource Mobilization.
• Construction of permanent storage facilities for collective bulking and marketing.
• Procurement and acquisition of ICT equipment.


1. To increase bulk marketing of maize from 120 metric tons to 450 metric tons annually by end of 2020.
2. To increase bulk marketing of Beans from 250 Mt to 650 Mt annually by end of 2020.
3. To have conducted 4 capacity building trainings for board and staff in good governance and management practices by end of 2020.
4. To conduct and also increase KTACE profitability by 30% by 2020.
5. To increase KTACE membership from the current 560 individual RPo members 1200 RPOs members by 2020.
6. To provide relevant services to the members and RPO's through promotion of usage of improved seed, storage facilities and value addition.
7. To provide market and market linkages for the members products and link them to market off-takers.
8. To organize rural producer Organizations (RPO's) through trainings and capacity building.

We deal in Maize and Beans

Buy and Sell of beans and maize in bulky